Town of Berwick, Maine

It’s not every day you get to design a new logo for your town! It was such an honor and a lot of fun working with our local government and the Envision Berwick committee to bring this new brand to life. Berwick is in the midst of revitalizing a large parcel of our downtown area and developing the Comprehensive Plan for the next decade, so it was the perfect time to give the town a new look. We hope that this fresh yet timeless logo appeals to existing and potential residents and business owners. 

Berwick Maine logo
Berwick Maine Onesie
Berwick Coaster
Berwick Maine T-shirt
Sticker with Berwick, Maine logo
Orange logo t-shirt on model
Green logo t-shirt on model
Berwick Maine Sweatshirt
Berwick Maine banner on the Town Hall
Circular logo with tagline
Logo on orange background
Co-branded coasters on merchandise table